The World Legal Summit organizer was interviewed recently by the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) National magazine. Major issues with the lack of global collaboration around governing emerging technologies were highlighted, and some hot topics like “self sovereign identity (SSI)” and the CRISPR (gene editing) twins recently born in China, were discussed.

Here’s a peak into the kinds of questions that were answered:

N: So faced with ethics dumping on the one hand, and laws stifling innovation on the other, what do we need to do?

AS: It’s such a massive question, right? And there really is no single solution. But what we’re hoping to do with the World Legal Summit is to create an environment where we can bridge the gap between the legal industries and the tech industries. Technologists are out there innovating, building technology. It’s not necessarily their job to worry about… [continue reading on CBA site]

The full interview can be read here: “Bridging the gap between law and technology