Partnership for Global Connectivity Between Law and Technology Leaders 

Virtual & World Wide  – 07/20/2019  – The World Legal Summit (WLS) recently formed a partnership with virtual real estate platform VirBELA Open Campus, to bring true global connectedness to WLS participants. This partnership supports the WLS’s key mandate of building a connected community world wide around the topics of understanding and applying legal and regulatory frameworks to the development of emerging technologies. 

The first part of the WLS will be taking place simultaneously across a 24hr hour window on Aug 1st, 2019 in 30+ cities across 20+ countries. The second part will be taking place in several jurisdictions over a three day period on Sept 6-8th, 2019. The purpose of this two part initiative is to bridge the gap between law and technology, while also building a dialogue between sensible law making and the development of sustainable technologies in support of global systems. The partnership with VirBELA will support this goal by providing a platform in which participants can network in real time with each other and industry leaders, tuning in from dozens of jurisdictions globally.  It will also facilitate a more involved capability for remote participation. 

“Working with WLS captures the VirBELA mandate of creating an online world that illustrates what is possible with the future of work, while bridging physical geographies and facilitating a truly global effort to solve today’s complex problems.” – Tim Souza, WLS VirBELA representative

“The VirBELA world will enable us to build a layer of digital connectedness that compliments the physical real world locations, bringing a true sense of global community around these topics. It will take us well beyond instant messaging platforms and webinars.” – Aileen Schultz, President & Founder, World Legal Summit  

Participating jurisdictions include everywhere from New York City and Toronto, to five locations across Africa, three in Australia, many European locations including Moscow, Belarus, and Spain, along with strong emerging markets like Mexico City, Singapore, and Brazil. Participating organizations include law firms, universities, innovation hubs, governments, associations, and companies. Participants include policy and government, legal professionals, academics, technologists, futurists, and passioneers of global change. 

Those interested in visiting the virtual world can sign up for the WLS Community, to get access details when they become available. Sign up to community via:

About the World Legal Summit: 

An organization that brings jurisdictions together in understanding and exploring the development of legislative frameworks for dealing with emerging technologies and global systems. 

About VirBELA Open Campus:

Enables next-generation remote collaboration. Improving the way people learn and collaborate together, while apart. VirBELA hopes to work with client partners in diverse market sectors to change the world for both individuals and organizations.


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