Informed Development for a Globally Sustainable Future

The world is rapidly transforming. The increasing development and adoption of new technologies is affecting existing systems and paving the way toward previously unimaginable global systems. The World Legal Summit (WLS) is an initiative designed to bring together the legal and technology industries in world wide collaboration toward a globally sustainable future.

The Problem

Technology and global systems are evolving at unprecedented rates. Legislative and regulatory advances – typically developed in silos – are  not keeping pace, meaning emerging technologies and the associated global systems are ill-informed.

The Solution

Bring the world together to create the framework necessary for true global collaboration. Resulting in the shared understanding of legislative and regulatory frameworks surrounding emerging technologies, and better informed development of a globally sustainable future.

Legislative Understanding

Sustainable Technology

Global Collaboration


Designed to facilitate the understanding and formulation of global insights about legislative and regulatory frameworks dealing with emerging technologies and global systems.

Part Two: ACTION

A world wide development sprint, designed to bring the insights and understandings from part one together with individuals and organizations world wide. Individuals and organizations that are working on the actual development of technologies that could have a role in creating better global systems.

Join us in Understanding and Co-Creating a Globally Sustainable Future

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