Welcome to the World Legal Summit Buenos Aires! 

Date: August 1, 2019

Time: 0930 – 1715

This first part of the WLS is designed to bring disparate jurisdictions together in collaboration around building a better understanding of what is happening with technology regulation and governance world-wide. Buenos Aires will bring a unique viewpoint to the discussion, focusing on the legislative and governance structures in the city and more broadly across Argentina.

This year the WLS is focusing on three main categories: 

  • Identity and Personal Governance 

  • Autonomous Machines

  • Cyber Security and Personal Data

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Confirmed Panelists

  • Romina Cabrera, Abogada especialista en Seguridad y Derecho Informático | Facebook
  • Juan G. Corvalán, Laboratorio de Inteligencia Artificial | LinkedIn
  • Alberto Elisavetsky, ODR LATINOAMERICA | LinkedIn
  • Pablo Fiusa, Proyecto DANE | LinkedIn
  • Ignacio Maglio, Maglio & Asociados | LinkedIn
  • Antonio Martino, Abogado especialista en Derecho Informático | Facebook
  • María Victoria Marún, Abogada, profesora en Ciencias Jurídicas | LinkedIn
  • Griselda Mela, Mediación Comunitaria Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Facebook
  • Alejandro Repetto, Inipop | LinkedIn
  • Alberto Schuster, ABECEB | LinkedIn
  • Alejandro Sewrjugin, Economía PHI | LinkedIn

Watch out for your city’s local projects! These will be projects your host is passionate about and that the local community cares about. It will be an opportunity for you and your community to further progress these projects, in a globally collaborative environment.

Collaborate with us and the global community to further the understanding of legislative and regulatory frameworks. These frameworks are enabling the sustainable development of emerging technologies and your input is important!

>> Request your invite here (limited spots available) >>

Note: your city host will review your invitation request and will inform you of the status of your invitation within one month before the event or sooner.

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Organizer: Alberto Elisavetsky

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Street: TBA

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