Research and Understanding, August 1, 2019

Decentralized summit happening in host locations on the same day worldwide.

Bringing the legal and technology industries together globally, to collaborate in the understanding and research of legislative frameworks needed for the sustainable evolution of technology, and emergent global systems.

Presentations and discussions at each location will focus on the following three focus categories for the 2019 WLS:

  • Identity and Personal Governance
  • Autonomous Machines
  • Cyber Security and Personal Data

Audience members and panelists will consist of:

  • Legal professionals and regulators
  • Government and policy professionals
  • Academics and think tank representatives
  • Technologists and tech company executives

Those who attend and present are professionals that work at the intersection of law and technology. They are either sharing or learning about the legal and regulatory frameworks that effect emerging technologies (focused on the WLS2019 categories).

Each participating jurisdiction will be hosting a local edition of the World Legal Summit. They will have panelists and an expert audience that will contribute insights and discussion designed to drive better understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks dealing with emerging technologies.

The WLS will be publishing a global insights white paper, which will be a collection of insights from each participating jurisdiction, along with additional research performed by the global team.


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