Informed Development, Sept 6-8, 2019

Decentralized development sprint happening across three days in host locations worldwide.

With the information from part one available, the legal industry will come together with technologists and doers for the rapid development of technologies that already are or could contribute to better global systems.


Development Categories

The WLS is focused on three main categories in 2019:

  • Identity and Personal Governance
  • Autonomous Machines
  • Cyber Security and Personal Data

Who Should Attend and Why?

Organizations that currently have technologies, that they would like to get legal insights on how to develop in a more sustainable way.

  • Technology corporations and startups
  • Legal and policy professionals that work in technology
  • Government teams developing technologies
  • Innovation hubs and their project teams
  • Technologists and programmers

What will happen?

Organizations that are working in one or more of the categories will have their teams participate in this event to learn about the legal and regulatory structures dealing with these concepts world wide.

They will then have the opportunity to work on their technologies in a hands on environment. They will work collaboratively with the advisory committee to translate legal insights into the actual development and improvements of their technology.

Participating teams will have the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment for the purpose of building legal frameworks into their technologies. Each location will have an advisory panel that will work with technology teams through out the weekend. At the end of the three day initiative, the local advisory panel will select top performing teams. One team will be selected to move onto the global round, where they have the opportunity to be selected for the “Global Impact Award”.

The team selected for the award will have the opportunity to receive global legal services from our partners Lex Mundi, Pro Bono Foundation.

Sept 6-8: World Wide Development Sprint in a City Near You

Sept 20-Oct 1: Global Evaluation of Technologies (remote)

Oct 5: Final Event, Announcement of Solutions with the Most Global Impact

Global Review Panel

Javier de Cendra
Javier de CendraDean IE Law School at IE University
Isis Bous
Isis BousManaging Director at Lex Mundi
Carlos Chalico
Carlos ChalicoEY | Member of the Advisor Board at IAPP

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You and your organization are openly invited to join us in developing our globally sustainable future.